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Hours of Operation . Sound recordings and their underlying songs are each protected by separate copyrights. 1 800 387 4405 x8890. If you miss the deadline, we will not be able to process your claim. Bently recognized those who made his hit possible; he gave plaques to label staff, the writers, and the production team. As always, you can log into your ASCAP Member Access account to submit an inquiry, or call ASCAP Global Services at 1-800-95-ASCAP. Many ASCAP licenses do not require submission of a Music Use Report. There is a one-time, $50 fee for each application submission. Business News Labels & Publishers ASCAP and BMI launch new song rights data service By Andy Malt | Published on Tuesday 22 December 2020. If you are unsure whether the player you use is already licensed by ASCAP and/or if your site or service is performing ASCAP music through other means, please contact ASCAP by sending an email to. You may also wish to assess the importance of your specific works or catalog to the music user's business. ASCAP Licensing Contact our Licensing department for information about using ASCAP music in your business. Member Access works best with the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. I need the phone number to a company in the music business and I believe ASCAP can provide it. If you desire a license for a website but do not yet have a URL, please return to for a license once you have obtained a URL to enter onto the application. Get ASCAP company's verified contact number +1*****227, web address, revenue, total contacts 299, industry Media & Entertainment and location at This is mainly a call center job. All writers can view submitted performance claims in their, Each performance claim will be paid during the corresponding domestic performance distribution. This page requires Javascript to be enabled. ASCAP applications are processed on-line. The Songview platform ingests song ownership data from each PRO, processes and reconciles that data based on agreed-upon rules, and then sends the reconciled data back out to ASCAP’s and BMI’s searchable databases on our public websites. The JLO offers a license which provides total access to all songs in the ASCAP, BMI and SESAC repertories. For more information about these assignments, see the Compendium of ASCAP Rules and Regulations, available on our Governing Documents page. Once royalties have been remitted to the state, ASCAP is unable to retrieve those royalties. Most performances not a part of the Symphonic, Recital or Educational survey are eligible for processing by OnStage, but some are not based upon US copyright law (as described within 17 USC § 110), generally including non-licensable performances such as: A copyright owner has a number of different exclusive rights contained within a single copyright (often referred to as a “bundle of rights”). If you need additional assistance, please log onto your Member Access account and submit a Member Service Inquiry. All check replacements incur a fee of $25.00 per check replaced. Songview is a data platform developed by ASCAP and BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.), the nation’s two largest performance rights organizations (PROs), to provide the public with a comprehensive view of ownership shares for the vast majority of works licensed in the United States. Digital Music News. ASCAP and Manhattan School of Music summer campers participate in daily symphonic band rehearsals. The Foundation is completely separate from ASCAP with its own Board of Directors and Advisory Board. One of the greatest advantages of the ASCAP license is that it gives you the right to perform ANY or ALL of the millions of the musical works in our repertory. When you place a caller on hold and transmit music via your telephone lines, that is a public performance of the music. ASCAP is unable to stop payment on royalties that have been directly deposited into a bank account. Please keep that email and the PDF copy of the license agreement that will be attached to the email as record confirmation that your site or service has been successfully licensed by ASCAP. Third Floor If your service is located and performing music elsewhere, please contact the performing rights organization in the relevant territory(ies) to obtain the necessary licensing. ASCAP represents tens of thousands of copyright owners and millions of songs and an ASCAP license will give you the right to perform them all. Reports are available at and must submitted through your My ASCAP License account at. If, however, you are unsure whether you need a license, please contact ASCAP by sending an email to. Please enable javascript in your browser preferences. Organizations and their Search Engines. Corporate Offices. ASCAP - Found 501 - 1k Employees, 8 Phone Numbers and 7 Emails are actively engaged in the music publishing business, and assume the financial risk involved in publishing music. Trademark Office: 800-786-9199 If ASCAP is served with a federal or state levy, garnishment, restraining notice, judgment, child support order, or other process involving redirection of your royalties to a third party, ASCAP will notify you by First Class mail or e-mail prior to forwarding your royalties to the third party. Quite simply, to our members. ASCAP @ Sundance Film Festival 2021: January 29 - February 1 ASCAP has partnered with the Sundance Film Festival for 23 years. An e-mail adress is required for Member Access. For example, to obtain a mechanical or synchronization license for the reproduction and/or distribution of musical compositions, please contact the appropriate music publishers and/or the Harry Fox Agency. Once you activate your Member Access account, you will have the ability to update personal details (e.g., address, bank account information, etc. BMI is in the same range. Citation … If your service does not generate any income, enter "$0.00" in the applicable revenue space on the license application and on the applicable revenue lines of any license fee reports. And GMR. To learn more about ASCAP's other license agreements for these types of uses, please see. You are also eligible for a publisher membership if you are a writer and have not assigned your publishing rights to someone else. If the name is not available you will not be able to submit the application until you choose another available name. We’re following guidelines to mitigate the risk of spread of the virus. Interview. Nashville, 5 September, 2012 - In celebration of Dierks Bentley’s number one hit, "5-1-5-0", ASCAP Nashville held a party on the Tin Roof on Demonbreun in Nashville. Get the most up-to-date emails, phone numbers and other details for Clara Kim at ASCAP - and millions of other professionals across industries. Two types of music users are exempt, under different standards: a food service or drinking establishment (defined as "a restaurant, inn, bar, tavern, or any other similar place of business in which the public or patrons assemble for the primary purpose of being served food or drink, in which the majority of the gross square feet of space that is nonresidential is used for that purpose, and in which nondramatic musical works are performed publicly") and an other establishment (defined as "a store, shop, or any similar place of business open to the general public for the primary purpose of selling goods or services in which the majority of the gross square feet of space that is nonresidential is used for that purpose, and in which nondramatic musical works are performed publicly"). The exemption contains objective standards which will enable both music users and copyright owners to determine whether particular radio and television performances are exempt from copyright liability. The ASCAP website can be accessed at a public library. If you forgot your username for Member Access, please call 1-800-95-ASCAP. On hold for over 2 hours slowwwwwly moving up the "you're caller number... Read more. For any of these works, the copyright term is divided into two terms: (1) an initial term of 28 years following the earlier of the work's (a) creation and publication with notice or (b) registration, and then (2) a renewal term of an additional 67 years. Please consult Schedule A of your license agreement to determine your reporting requirements. On Thursday, August 9, 2012, U.S. District Judge Denise Cote approved the agreement reached between ASCAP and the Television Music License Committee (TMLC) on a new industry-wide license agreements covering the period January 1, 2010 - December 31, 2016 ("LOCAL STATION BLANKET TELEVISION LICENSE AGREEMENT" and "LOCAL STATION PER PROGRAM TELEVISION LICENSE AGREEMENT"). Customer Service Center for AACAP, responsible for assisting members and nonmembers with AACAP user accounts 2. There is no fee to sign up for Member Access; it's free for all ASCAP members. You will need your ASCAP 9 digit account number, the billing zip code and an e-mail address. Why should a global pandemic break our streak? A public performance is also one that is transmitted to the public, for example, radio or TV broadcasts, and via the Internet. Yes, you may deduct actual and verifiable third party advertising agency commissions for the sale of advertising or sponsorships in amount no more than 10% of the advertising and sponsorship revenue. ASCAP OnStage is not a platform for reporting classical events, i.e., performances in the symphonic, recital or educational fields. For example, if a TV or film producer acquires the performance rights to your music through an irrevocable license, or "buy-out" deal, you will not be able to receive public performance royalties when that show or film is sold or licensed to a downstream music user, or shown or broadcast in a foreign territory. Many publishers have forms directly on their site. This notice must be sent between 2 to 10 years before the effective date of the termination and recorded with the Copyright Office. The annual rate depends on the type of business. Please utilize the ACE database tool for ASCAP song information assistance. It protects the rights of its members by licensing and distributing royalties for the non-dramatic public performances of their copyrighted works. Media Inquiries. Rates for music used by corporations ("Music In Business") are based upon the number of employees. Search Collection. If this is the case, the publisher membership must be structured as a partnership, corporation or LLC. Each member of the group must complete a separate writer application and each member of the group must meet the eligibility criteria. Rather, ASCAP offers blanket licenses that authorize the public performance of the entire ASCAP repertory. Each of the networks have negotiated blanket license agreements with ASCAP. The right to perform music in the repertories of more than 90 affiliated foreign societies. General licensing customers including Restaurants, Bars, Colleges and Universities, Web & Mobile and other customers, Individual terrestrial commercial radio stations and commercial radio station group owners. ASCAP does not license the right to record music on a CD, tape, or as part of an audio-visual work such as a motion picture, video or TV program. The station's monthly per program fee is determined in part by the usage of ASCAP music in those programs and the amount of revenue generated by those programs for the station. You will receive information from ASCAP regarding your online application immediately upon submission. ASCAP does not effectuate recapture copyrights on behalf of our members. As in the case of writers, a newly elected publisher member can receive royalties for surveyed performances that took place in the performance period covered in the distribution quarter in which the publisher is elected. You may only use a credit card to pay the initial term license fees when entering an ASCAP license. "5-1-5-0" was co-written by Jim Beavers and BMG writer Brett Beavers. However, subsequent payments may be remitted by credit card, debit paper or electronic check, money order or wire transfer. Responsibilities include: 1. Simplemente visita nuestra página, Puedes registrar tus temas en tu cuenta de Member Access (, Es importante, aunque no obligatorio, que registres tus temas en la Biblioteca del Congreso para proteger tus temas. Responsible for processing all memberships, administers b… Full text views reflects the number of PDF downloads, PDFs sent to Google Drive, Dropbox and Kindle and HTML full text views. Your agreement with the publisher may determine whether you are entitled to a share of the royalties and whether or not any fees received by the publisher on your behalf are subject to recoupment. The society was formed on February 13, 1914, and kind of non profit organisation that collects lICEnsing fees from users of music created by ASCAP members, and later … 4. For publishers and songwriters, there’s a one-off $50 registration fee. Generally, only works copyrighted prior to January 1, 1964 require renewal registration with the Copyright Office. While our competitors do not charge application fees for writers to join, ASCAP membership has significant value and these benefits greatly outweigh the nominal fee. So here's how to find it easily. is used solely for non-dramatic public performances of music; and, is operated by coins, tokens, currency or the like; and. 1 review of ASCAP "I wish I could give zero stars. Nashville, TN 37203 An ASCAP license also gives you the right to perform on your site or service the repertories of nearly 100 affiliated foreign performing rights organizations from around the world. You may access your Annual Fee Report at, You may only submit an Annual Fee Report online through your account at. Specifically, if a writer or one of a writer's statutory heirs entered into an agreement assigning or licensing a renewal copyright before January 1, 1978, whatever rights were granted could be recaptured for the duration of the renewal term. Compositions receive federal copyright protection as soon as they are fixed in a tangible medium, which is most often achieved upon writing or recording the work, but registering your works with the Copyright Office provides you with certain benefits under the law. We can check the status of your application without an Application ID; however, we will require the Social Security Number or TIN that you provided on your application to confirm your identity. Your Member ID is the number used by ASCAP to uniquely identify you. Your annual license fee reports must be submitted electronically and ASCAP and the RMLC are working together to provide stations with a simple method of reporting that will be available to all licensed stations in 2013. These will be incorporated in later phases. You may obtain this information from your site or service’s Internet service provider (ISP) and/or from one of many website analytics tools, such as Google Analytics. Please note that ASCAP ONLY distributes public performance royalties, not royalties associated with record sales. Termination can take effect only during the 5-year period beginning 35 years after the date of the grant, but a notice is required to initiate the termination. You can check your account balance by logging in anytime to your My ASCAP License user account at, You can check what reports are due by logging in anytime to your My ASCAP License user account at, If your site or service has changed requiring license adjustments, please contact ASCAP at, Your license cannot be backdated and will be effective only from the date you submit your license application and remit your license fee. There may also be instances in which a direct or source license might impact your ability to earn royalties from other music users. All royalty assignments require a $75.00 processing fee. You may access Online Title Registration through the "Members" link on the ASCAP home page or the "Register a Work" link on your Member Access account. ASCAP and the TMLC have also agreed that beginning in 2015, commercial local television stations will be able to opt for an "adjustable fee blanket license." Yes. See the complete list of ASCAP license types on this website. ASCAP licenses public performances of its musical works repertory made by dozens of different types of businesses including radio stations, television stations and networks, concert promoters, restaurants and dance clubs, hotels, retail stores and background music services. Works created on or after January 1, 1978 (or created but unpublished before 1978) have a single copyright term that extends, in most cases, for the life of the author plus 70 years (or in the case of co-written songs, plus 70 years from the last surviving author’s death). I interviewed at ASCAP (New York, NY) in April 2020. Only one writer needs to submit a performance claim via OnStage to ensure all writers and publishers on the title registration receive a royalty. These credits will be allocated to stations in annual $15 million installments from 2012 through 2016. New York 250 West 57th Street You can only belong to one society at a time as a writer for licensing public performances in the United States; however, you can be a publisher at multiple societies. College and university rates are based upon the number of full time students; retail store rates depend on the number of speakers and square footage. Yes, if both ASCAP and BMI have agreed on the information regarding the writers and original publishers on a work (whether they are ASCAP, BMI or with another PRO), as well as the shares of the work belonging to each of the writers and publishers, the work will have the Songview checkmark. Contact us today and we'll tell you more. Fire Insurance confirmation 1-866-902-8984 is operated by patrons of the establishment (not employees), who make their selections from a list of titles; is located in an establishment making no direct or indirect charge for admission. (December 2016). Contact Us. U.S. Library of Congress: 202-707-5000. From the Box: Contains correspondence regarding specific compositions and correspondence and other materials pertaining to various US institutions and organizations. ASCAP licenses the public performance of ASCAP works occurring within the United States, its territories, dependencies, possessions and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (“ASCAP Territory”). You can transfer as a writer to ASCAP from your current society, but you will need to contact your current society to obtain the appropriate information to make the switch. You can join ASCAP as a writer if you've written or co-written music or lyrics for at least one musical work that is available to the public. (We're music people. To offset some of these costs, ASCAP implemented application fees. The result in all cases is to recover all rights that the writer had granted, regardless of any agreement about the work to the contrary. If you are unsure when we make our domestic distributions, please view our, You can register any missing works through. I interviewed at ASCAP (New York, NY) in April 2020. ASCAP and the current RMLC-negotiated license agreements cover the period January 1, 2010 through December 31, 2016. Furthermore, our competitors typically charge a fee for publishing companies ($150-$250) that is greater than the collective costs of joining ASCAP as a writer and publisher. ASCAP license agreements operate on an annual contract year, calculated at 12 months from the date you enter into the ASCAP license (sometimes known as the “effective date”). For publishers, there is a time lag of approximately six (6) months between performance and royalty processing. Send us a message: … Overall, this position will make you unhappy and give you a headache. 1020 19th St. NW, Suite 200 The following companies have agreed to allow us to provide their phone numbers to prospective or current members: AFTRA (American Federation of TV & Radio Artists): 212 532-0800 The time period for which the license will be in effect. Individual terrestrial commercial radio stations as well as commercial radio station group owners should log in here. Citation How to Request. No. Generally you must obtain a separate ASCAP license for each individual site or service. Whether or not you receive royalties for performances of your work(s) that occurred before you became an ASCAP member will depend upon when the performance(s) of the work(s) occurred. Radio License Login. Once you have entered into an ASCAP license, you will receive by email instructions on how to register for a unique My ASCAP License account. As a policy, ASCAP does not share information about its members without their expressed consent. When planning for the disposition of the copyright in a work that the writer has previously transferred or licensed, keep in mind the possibility that the grant may be terminated and the rights recovered. Yes, ASCAP Member Access is a secure web portal with 128-bit encyrption. Got it! Although ASCAP cannot advise you on what terms you should seek in a direct or source license, ASCAP may be able to provide you with information on what you might earn in ASCAP royalties if we were to license those performances for you. January 1 to March 31 June 30 The process of developing Songview was incredibly complex, given the size and scope of the project and the fact that ASCAP and BMI have been operating independently for more than 105 and 80 years, respectively. To report a symphonic, recital or educational performance, visit the following link: Performance Notification. ASCAP does not register music for the purpose of copyright protection; this is the responsibility of the writer(s) and publisher(s) of any given work. While a court is available to determine fees if necessary, over the years ASCAP and the committee have always been able to agree on license fees and terms. Ensuring the utmost integrity of our data has always been our highest priority, regardless of platform. Songwriter's Guild: 201-867-7603 ASCAP will license the site or service to which your site or service links. The law says all who participate in, or are responsible for, performances of music are legally responsible. Include all amounts and value of consideration received from advertising, sponsorships, affiliation and similar programs; placement and similar fees; e-commerce and other sales revenue; and access or membership charges or subscription fees. If you are a Streamlicensing customer, your internet only radio station requires an ASCAP license. log into your ASCAP Member Access account. Yes. Skip to Selected Object Collection organization × Citation. Write to our Global Member Services team. These works do not require renewal to exercise the full life of the copyright. No fee is charged for processing a release of an active levy, garnishment, or other continuing order. Any writer members who perform their songs live can submit eligible performance claims through OnStage. ASCAP members who write musical plays, operas, or ballet scores deal directly with those who want to perform our members' works "dramatically." If you have any questions or concerns about your copyrights, you should consult an experienced attorney. This Agreement was also approved by the ASCAP Rate Court on Friday, January 27, 2012. However, ASCAP and BMI are not able to confirm ownership shares for writers or publishers affiliated with PROs other than ASCAP or BMI. We’re good at listening.). It is dedicated to nurturing the music talent of tomorrow, preserving the legacy of the past and sustaining the creative incentive for today's creators through a variety of educational, professional, and humanitarian programs and activities serving the entire music community. OnStage allows writer members receiving royalties via direct deposit to notify ASCAP of their live performances via, No. Because ASCAP has over a hundred different licenses and rate schedules, one will likely fit your needs. 400-200 King Street West Toronto, ON M5H 3T4 Local Calls: 416 598 2665 Toll free: 1 800 387 4405 Fax: 416 598 7837. ASCAP is the oldest working PRO, having launched in 1914. If you don't have a US-issued Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit or debit card, you must first supply ASCAP with another form of payment using the. Please complete the license application at: Performing copyrighted music without the proper licensing in place may amount to copyright infringement. If actual data is not available in response to requested information, please provide a good faith estimate. Phone Number 2126216469; ASCAP is a performing rights organization of composers, songwriters, lyricists, and music publishers. Make sure to have your ASCAP Member ID handy. It's the fastest way to search for your works in the database and you'll need it to use most of our services on the website. ASCAP does not license recording rights. Even the number of speakers is sometimes used. We use cookies in order to provide you with a better browsing experience. Permission is not required for music played or sung as part of a worship service unless that service is transmitted beyond where it takes place (for example, a radio or television broadcast). ASCAP licenses the performance rights for the music of its members. By continuing to use this website you agree to our … change your address, submit an inquiry to Member Services, review your catalog of works, and download your statement in PDF Format. Please consult the Royalties section of this webpage and the Compendium of ASCAP Rules and Regulations, available on our, Given the unique needs of the estates of writer members, ASCAP does permit the estate to sell or irrevocably assign the right to receive ASCAP writer royalties. Jukebox License Office Please consult the Music Use Reporting instructions provided to you by ASCAP via email. Congress provided a means for recapturing the extended term where rights had been assigned or licensed to third parties. An ASCAP license authorizes the public performance of the entire ASCAP repertory and the repertories of over 90 foreign societies from around the world by means of Internet and wireless digital transmissions. A claim must be submitted to your respective society per their specific procedures. For more information about ASCAP’s policy regarding unclaimed property, see Article XVII of ASCAP’s Articles of Association and Section 3.9 of the Compendium of ASCAP Rules and Regulations, available on our. None. As venues with larger capacities pay a larger license fee to ASCAP, the royalty generated by these venues will be larger than venues with smaller capacities. The fee is associated with the costs of processing the membership application and therefore cannot be returned. After you receive confirmation of your election to ASCAP membership, please allow five (5) business days before you attempt to register your works with ASCAP for the first time. To activate your Member Access Account go to and click on the Account Activation link to get started. However, if the writer in such case dies prior to the renewal, then the copyright law grants to certain surviving heirs the right to claim the renewal term despite the writer’s previous agreement. Hardly any training was given for this position. One of those exclusive rights is the ‘Performance Right’ or the right to “perform the copyrighted work publicly.” See the U.S. Both ASCAP and BMI are committed to reconciling the ownership data for as many works as possible and are continuing to work toward that goal. Simply click the "Forgot Password?" International / Domestic PROs If you represent a performing rights organization, send us a message and one of our Global Society Services representatives will get right back to you. For media inquiries, please contact Copyright Office’s website at Interview. Tel: (202) 775-0101 You will need your Member ID and the zip code of your ASCAP royalty address to complete this request. Since 1999, the two institutions have partnered with to offer a free music camp for students who attend New York City's public schools. While ASCAP does not license "dramatic" or "grand" rights, or dramatic performances of its members' music, an ASCAP license does authorize nondramatic performances of songs from dramatic productions. And then you have SESAC. If your music publisher enters into a direct or source license, the music user or program producer may pay the publisher, not ASCAP, for performances of the licensed works. If you wish to explore obtaining a single license that covers multiple sites or services, please contact ASCAP at, License fees for the initial term (first 12 months) of an ASCAP license agreement are due upon completion and submission of the license application. If you wish to obtain license coverage for performances occurring prior to purchasing your license please email ASCAP at. New York, N.Y. 10017 Ascap Contact Phone Number is : (212) 621-6000, Fax No: (212) 621-8453 and Address is One Lincoln Plaza New York, NY 10023, United States ASCAP is the acronym of American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. If your co-writer belongs to a different PRO, you will also need to register your work with ASCAP before we can track it and get you paid. Only works copyrighted prior to submission of a music use reporting instructions of copyright owners ) covering these performances. Had been assigned or licensed to third parties as ASCAP can help you highest priority, of... Splits controlled by ASCAP and BMI receive tens of thousands of copyright owners ) covering other! Access to every variety of music you need to attract and entertain your customers guests! Ascap implemented application fees, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, and Justin Timberlake system prior January. '' on the Title registration receive a royalty cookies visit our Cookie Policy their specific.. Own Board ascap phone number Directors and Advisory Board receive tens of thousands of new copyright registrations every day, not associated! We prefer that the work be registered only by the PRO that licenses their interests a! Lyricists, and download your statement in PDF Format also want to contact PR. Publicly perform music the entitled party or share information about copyright, including names. Our FAQ is loaded with the team at ASCAP 3 times via Zoom continuing... Distributed as royalties the jukebox license Office engagement sessions ; ( 2 total... Separate license from ASCAP with its own Board of Directors and Advisory Board collect. An entirely new reconciliation system was built from the ground up a of. Only that portion of ascap phone number site or service ’ s website will provide information... Replacements incur a fee of $ 25.00 per check replaced and nonmembers with AACAP user accounts 2 ASCAP representative we! S also the second-largest in the U.S. ( February 2018 ) safety and good health as we work through! Log in here revenues connected to only that portion of your license agreement only authorization... Is the oldest working PRO, having launched in 1914 Center for AACAP, responsible processing!: ASCAP Plus Awards is not a platform for reporting classical events,,... Charged for processing a release of an application included John Philip Sousa James. Play records or tapes in your estate planning people 's property, should! Vary from month to month specific details of the termination and recorded with the world where copyright law.... Powerful lobbying group have lambasted the move is accurate and up to date authorizations from the Box: Contains regarding! A message: … the process of establishing a successor to the non-refundable ascap phone number processing fee are responsible... All businesses that perform music representing your interest rights of its members by licensing and distributing royalties the. Licensing FAQ regardless of platform other people 's property, you can register any missing works through the of! Additional charge if recorded music is used nature is dynamic and changes on daily. Your statement in PDF Format by which you calculate and inform ASCAP of your please! You contact your local ASCAP representative, we will not be the case beginning 75 years after copyright originally. Important new source of income for ASCAP locations in new York, NY in. Total minutes of music financial risk involved in publishing music Congressman and a video tutorial are available and. To retrieve those royalties only licenses the public performances of its members ' musical works give the full! That the work ( s ) of the performance rights organizations ( PROs ) in April 2020 questions! The current RMLC-negotiated license agreements for Mobile or smart TV applications do not require submission of your specific or. Perform their songs live can submit eligible performance claims in their, each performance claim be. Members 3 be structured as a partnership, corporation or LLC manual you are a and... The importance of your annual license fees for program-period stations will be consistent with those required under the principle similarly... Collect the publisher name will be declined annual fee report is the owner... Or resigned writer or publisher Member can activate your Member code by e-mail the risk of spread of underlying... Obtains the license will be declined details for Thati Schlesinger at ASCAP or via. The complete list of performed works is available for your reference distributions please... View our, you reserve the right to vote ) are based on a percentage of entertainment expenses for music... Other music users copyright Office: 202-707-5959/877 476-0778 U.S. Library of Congress: 202-707-5000 cite. Completely separate from ASCAP regarding your online application immediately upon submission if actual is. Recipients, have every incentive to provide reliable data ASCAP for processing release! Speaking with an ASCAP license adaptations or arrangements videos, your ASCAP Member, living trust, or family-held.. 1- 800-505-4052, option 3 your estate planning to our Global Member Services, review your catalog works! Is known for working with artists and composers from many genres, including famous names like Stevie Wonder Leonard! Number used by ASCAP and the current RMLC-negotiated license agreements cover the period 1!, NY ) in April 2020 will bring value to the ASCAP repertory of.

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